What is SEO? And why is Google so important?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation – but what does that really mean? A tight interpretation is to optimise a website’s content and code in line with search engine guidelines but it is generally used to cover a wider range of related tasks that are designed to place a website on page one of Google for key search terms.

Looking at the Branduin.co.uk website analytics for this month, thirty six per cent of our visits came via search engines and ninety six per cent of those were via Google.

Five Top Tips for SEO of your website:

  • Your page content must be unique – pasting paragraphs that are repeated elsewhere on your website or on the Internet will see it treated as low quality
  • Each of the important pages of your website should be accessible from the home page with one click, enhanced by text-links from within the content if possible
  • Choose at least one key search term for each of those important pages and include that search term in the page content and (this is where you’ll need some technical expertise) page <title> meta-description and <h1> heading
  • Ensure that search engines can access the sitemap.xml file on your server
  • Check that your website is legally compliant with the Companies Act, Equality Law, EU Cookie Directive and Advertising Standards.

Business Support from Branduin can assist you with your website’s SEO. Contact us for a website review.

By Barbara Primrose, Internet Presence Expert, Branduin Business Support

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